Logos and Icons

Our logo is a universal representation of our Fraternity. In all parts of the world, people will see our coat of arms and identify it with the Sigma Chi Fraternity. To be effective, our logo must be used in a consistent manner by all members and guests of the Fraternity.

Sigma Chi is identified by a coat of arms, which is a Norman Shield that bears the organization's "White Cross." The shield is surmounted by an eagle's head; beneath the shield is a scroll emblazoned with the motto, "In Hoc Signo Vinces," which means "In this sign, you will conquer."  Do not attempt to change or recreate this logo.

If you require additional logos or graphics other than the ones listed here, please contact Susan Lorimor, editor of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, to obtain them.

Trademark Guidelines

Sigma Chi has trademarked its insignia and phrases to ensure their proper usage, and to protect the image and reputation of the Fraternity. All companies must be licensed before they are permitted to incorporate any Sigma Chi insignia into their merchandise or promotional pieces. If the Fraternity fails to protect its marks in this manner, it jeopardizes its ownership of those trademarks.  

To view a copy of the trademark guidelines, please click here.

Please ensure you follow these trademark guidelines:

  1. The first use of the trademark in a document should include the "®" symbol to indicate that it is registered, or the "™" symbol to indicated that it is unregistered. Subsequent uses in the same document do not need a trademark symbol.

    Correct usage: Sigma Chi® is the preeminent leadership development organization.

  2. The first appearance of any program name should be preceded by Sigma Chi.

    Correct usage: Sigma Chi [Horizons]™ gives Sigma Chi undergraduates a life-changing opportunity.

    Subsequent uses: [Said program] provides a breakthrough in leadership training.

  3. Trademarks must never appear in plural or possessive form.

    Correct usage: The [Sigma Chi]® Balfour Leadership Training Workshop curriculum is very comprehensive.

  4. Always include the correct trademark symbol and trademark attribution statement in all Sigma Chi materials.

    Attribution Statement: Copyright © 200_ Sigma Chi Corporation. All rights reserved. Sigma Chi and the Sigma Chi logo are registered trademarks of Sigma Chi Corporation.


Sigma Chi Trademarks

Please be sure to use the following trademarks with their correct trademark notation. Trademarked images may not be reconstructed or altered in any way.

    • Image of the coat of arms®
    • Norman Shield®
    • Grand Seal®
    • Image of the Fraternity flag®

The trademarks below are not represented by a specific icon, but should always be created using the approved color and fonts.

    • Greek letters®
    • Character-in-Action™
    • Sigma Chi®