The Magazine of Sigma Chi

In April 1881, the first issue of the Fraternity's magazine, then called The Sigma Chi, rolled off of the press in Gettysburg, Pa. Magazine subscription rates were $1 per year, and by the time the second issue appeared in June 1881, 40 brothers were subscribers.

The Magazine Today

More than 130 years later, The Magazine of Sigma Chi boasts more than 56,000 readers and is one of the most highly esteemed publications in the Greek-letter world, often collecting the most awards of any group at the annual conference for Greek-letter organization communicators. The Magazine is published four times a year and contains news and features to recognize, inform, educate and entertain members. It also serves as a report and record of the Fraternity's activities and programs to university and Fraternity officials, families of members, and recruits.

How to get published

Campus Chronicles (Undergraduates)
Each chapter editor is a correspondent for The Magazine of Sigma Chi. Chapter updates and photos must be submitted via this link.
Alumni Almanac (Alumni)
Alumni are encouraged to photos from their events to The Magazine of Sigma Chi. — Alumni chapters photos should be submitted via this link.
Letters to the editor
We alway welcome your comments — both criticism and praise — about this publication. To submit a letter to the editor, please email


The Magazine maintains reoccuring deadlines for submissions on the following dates:

  • Summer issue: March 25
  • Fall issue: May 1
  • Winter issue: Sept. 15
  • Spring issue: Dec. 15


Chapter Eternal entries

To submit a brother's obituary for consideration in the Chapter Eternal section of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, please send an email to that contains a link to the brother's obituary. Please also include the following information, if it does not already appear in the obituary:

  • His full legal name;
  • His preferred name (e.g., let us know if a member named John went by the name Jack);
  • The undergraduate chapter(s) with which the brother affiliated;
  • His graduation year;
  • His date and city/state/country of birth;
  • His date of death; and
  • Relevant information about the brother's education, career, committees on which he served, organizations of which he was a member, and other pertinent information.